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Transport Layer Security
for Radio UserLand and UserLand Frontier

TLS version 0.1
Important News! UserLand Software Acquires TLS


NOTE: This is prerelease software. The contents of the first full release may be significantly different from what is available here. Watch for updates.

Transport Layer Security version 0.1 is available for Frontier and Radio UserLand, running on MacOS Classic and Windows. A Mac OS X build is under development.

If you agree to the license, download tls-0.1.sit (389 KB) or (409 KB). The downloads are identical except for the choice of compression; either download can run on either platform. Decompress the database to your Frontier/Guest Databases/apps folder (Frontier users) or to your Radio UserLand folder (Radio users). Open the database in Frontier or Radio, and run tls.install(). See the README document inside the database for examples and other information.

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