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Important News! UserLand Software Acquires TLS



2003 Dec 9: version 0.3.1 is released, fixing some problems in the secure server relating to aborted connections.

2002 July 8: version 0.3 is released, the first commercial release and the first to support use of the secure webserver in a production environment.

2002 June 2: version 0.2.5 is released, a final update preceding the first commercial release.

2002 May 14: version 0.2.4 is released, which adds readable descriptions of private keys, certificates, and certificate signing requests.

2002 Apr 30: version 0.2.3 is released, which preserves HTTPS sessions across connections.

2002 Apr 12: version 0.2.2 is released, adding support for serving certificate chains (certificates for the signers of a site's certificate).

2002 Apr 02: version 0.2.1 is released, fixing a bug in the generation of self-signed certificates.

2002 Mar 31: version 0.2 is released, providing secure HTTP clients and servers for MacOS Classic, MacOS X, and Windows.

2002 Feb 16: version 0.1 is released, providing a secure HTTP client for MacOS Classic and Windows.


This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (

This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (eay[at]

This product includes software derived from example code by Roy Wood (roy[at]

This product includes software derived from UserLand Software's tcp.httpClient (

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