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TLS: News Archive

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
 Secure Server for Frontier and Radio (Seth Dillingham - 11:40:18 AM) ->

Macrobyte is pleased to announce that a secure web server is in development for Radio UserLandtm and UserLand Frontiertm.

Early pre-release versions have already been tested successfully. A public, time-limited beta version will be available in late March.

Using the "TLS Server" is extremely simple: just run the installer, and identify your server certificate! TLS Server uses the built-in Webserver.server framework, so any page which could be served via the standard server can also be served securely.

In other words, "it just works."

Macrobyte believes that a secure server, native to Frontier and Radio, is a key component in the developer's toolbox. With virtually no effort, any web sites or web services which are served by Frontier or Radio can be served securely. Combine the secure server with the TLS client software, and automatically take advantage of secure XML-RPC and SOAP.

Pricing will be announced when the first full releases (not time-limited) are available in early April.

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