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UserLand Aquires TLS secure web software for Manila and Radio UserLand
Important News! UserLand Software Acquires TLS


UserLand Software Acquires TLS from Macrobyte Resources

DANVILLE, CA -- October 19, 2004 -- UserLand Software is pleased to announce that it has acquired TLS, secure web client/server software originally implemented for UserLand's platform by Macrobyte Resources. TLS, which stands for "Transport Layer Security," is the industry standard for securing web communications. UserLand's TLS will provide companies and individuals deploying UserLand's products with a means of ensuring that their communications over the Internet will remain secure and private.

"Security has become a primary concern for many people using the Internet," said Scott Young, President and CEO of UserLand." We are pleased to now be able to offer our customers these tools for running a secure web server." UserLand's TLS offerings can be used with both of the company's products, Manila and Radio Userland, to create a secure communications channel for sharing mission critical information.

"I'm quite pleased that UserLand has taken over TLS," said Seth Dillingham, President of Macrobyte Resources. "This shows a commitment to enhancing the tools available..."

Read the full press release on UserLand's site.

Please note that this means Macrobyte no longer owns nor provides technical support for TLS.

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